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Nordic Walking    

Nordic Walking in North Norfolk is a great way to improve fitness, it gives you the benefits of exercising outdoors and is suitable for all levels.  Nordic Walking is completely different to general walking or hiking as with Nordic walking includes the use of poles. These poles are used to propel you forward and using the correct Nordic Walking technique can use over 40% more calories than ordinary walking and uses 90% of your muscles.

Nordic Walking is increasingly recommended by the medical profession.
  • Being a gentle sport, it is suitable for everyone of any age, even  during convalescence.
  • It strengthens breathing capacity and heart function.
  • It relieves knees and back strain (unlike jogging).
  • It uses 80% of your body muscles.
  • It expends twice the amount of calories than walking or jogging.
Nordic walking also provides a great social environment, where participants can gain new friends while enjoying the great outdoors.

 Weekly Nordic Walks: Monday,Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturdays, check out our weekly schedule

North Norfolk Coastal Fitness Nordic walks

Nordic Wellness 
The Wellness class is a one hour class that takes in some of the beautiful locations around Sheringham. The Wellness class is a gentle walk incorporating mild exercises that will help strengthen joints.
Nordic Motivational 
This a four week course to encourage clients to take the first steps to becoming healthy and learn that exercise is an essential part of everyday living.
Nordic Beginners 
The Nordic beginner’s class is essential to learn the basic techniques of Nordic Walking. It is a four week one hour course that  teaches clients the fundamentals of Nordic training technique., such as pole position for walking up and down hills, single poling and a chance to try Nordic sport Gaining confidence to progress onto other classes where the client can build on the knowledge they have already learnt.
Nordic Moderate Fitness 
The moderate fitness class is a one hour class for those who prefer a moderate pace with one or two stops along the way. The class offers spectacular locations, and the social aspect is high on the agenda. (often there will be a stop for a cuppa or maybe something stronger!)
Nordic Fitness 
The Nordic fitness class is a one and a half hour class that is designed for those who want to achieve cardiovascular fitness from Nordic walking. The pace is steady, continuous and with exercise stops.
Nordic Sport 
The dynamic class is designed to give an all over workout, including upper body strength, fast Nordic pace. The class incorporate exercises and Nordic sport techniques. It is slightly longer in length than the rest of the classes.

 All Classes are in varied locations. Please see Weekly Schedule page for more details or contact Anita or Sally for more details on 07867791034 or  07825773368

What our members think.......

“The great (North Norfolk) outdoors.  A wonderful sense of camaraderie amongst the walkers and two of the nicest people to guide us up hills and down valleys; through woods; and who always stand with their back to the fabulous views while we are doing their gentle but body-toning exercises.”
- Sonia
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