For a fitter healthier YOU - Personal Training
 For a fitter healthier YOU -
Personal Training
One to one personal training in your home or outdoors tailored specifically to your needs, including progress reports, warm-up and cool down sessions, workouts and assisted stretches.
Why…. ?
  • · Increasing your chances of achieving your goals and quicker.
  • · Helps you get back on track when you've been feeling low or uninspired.
  • · Provides the motivation you need to keep on training, so you won't give up.
  • · Keeps you accountable, there is no skipping sessions when you have a trainer.
  • · Gives you variety in your workouts so you enjoy every session.
  • · Provides good, sound advice on training that you can use months down the line.
  • · Motivation to reach personal goals.
 For personal training enquirers, please contact Sally on 07825773369
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