For a fitter healthier YOU - About Anita
 For a fitter healthier YOU -

About Anita

My Journey
         After reaching 17 stone in my mid-40s, I was shocked one Christmas (2009) when my brother bought me some red Snoopy XXL pyjamas which I could not do up at the front.  I made the conscious decision it was time for a change. Time to become a healthier, fitter person.
        I started recording my daily food intake and realised I was over-eating, snacking between meals, eating up left-overs and not doing exercise.
       Before putting on weight I was a healthy size 14 in my younger days. Looking back, stress, depression, holding down a job and raising two children on my own attributed to my weight increase.
       I used to buy baggy clothes to hide my appearance and say I was “happy in my body”  looking back I am now very aware I was not happy.  I had no social life and threw myself into work and my children.
      To begin my transformation, I started walking, everywhere! I incorporated walking and swimming into my weekly routine, and coupled with a healthy diet I started to notice small changes.
     When I felt happier in my body, and more comfortable participating in activities with others, I joined fitness classes run by Sally King (North Norfolk Coastal Fitness)
        It wasn’t all easy going.  I took up running resulting in a knee injury, which the doctors informed me was arthritis and I should avoid impact sport.
        Talking to Sally King, I was introduced to Nordic walking which, after much trial and error (some people are not so easy to teach), became part of my regular fitness routine.
        With further encouragement from Sally, I took up power walking and fitness yoga.
        After two years of healthy eating, I reached 11 stones and fitted comfortably into size 12-14 clothes.

-          Now, nearly 5 years after the snoopy pj incident, I am an Outdoor Fitness Instructor, working with Sally King, helping others achieve their fitness goals.

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